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For me, food is a universe of endless possibilities. All you need are a few natural foods combined in the right way to make the most delicious creations. That's why my recipes have always had simple and natural ingredient lists, making them perfect for everyday. Because if you want a more conscious and fit lifestyle to work out in the long run, it shouldn't take a lot of time. That's why I came up with an idea: How great would it be if all my favorite food products and recipes were available in large quantities for all of us? With that - and several tests & detours - Naturally Pam was born...


As you know me, I care deeply about ingredients, quality, and the fact that we should be more conscious about what we eat all day. That's why at Naturally Pam, you'll only ever find pronounceable ingredients and an ingredient list that's been stripped down to the bare essentials - with the icing on the cake of experience and love for an exceptionally delicious taste. You won't find GMO ingredients, preservatives, colorings or artificial flavors in my products. I also try to avoid "empty" fats and carbohydrates in my diet. These are colloquially speaking foods that have apart from their calories no nutritional values such as vitamins, minerals and so on.

For Naturally Pam, I focus on a balance of good fats - which means especially the unsaturated fats that are essential for the body - found in nuts, seeds or cocoa products.

To support my active lifestyle, I also prioritize plant-based protein sources such as beans, peas, rice and quinoa. Proteins contribute to an increase as well as maintenance of muscle mass.

A priority for me is also the use of sugar from sources such as dates, coconut blossom sugar or rice syrup. .

For most Naturally Pam products, the cocoa has been cultivated, traded and audited according to Fairtrade standards. We are already working hard to ensure that this will soon apply to all my chocolate products.


It takes an incredible number of development steps and experiments until a product is completely ready. On the one hand, the idea, the nutritional values and the ingredients have to be right, and on the other hand, the taste has to be an A with a star and a cherry on top. To get there, a whole year quickly goes by and quite a few products have (unfortunately) not even made it to the finish line. Because when I launch something, I really want to be proud of the new invention and make our lives tastier with total conviction. And the best thing is: if the natural product tastes really good, you're no longer tempted to reach for the regular treats. Whether for the small hunger in between, as a sustaining breakfast, sweet dessert or before a workout - I personally take care of my daily heavenly pleasure without compromise!


"It all started in my own kitchen. I weighed ingredients myself, documented every step of the process and sent them to factories. But unfortunately, it all didn't come together as easily as I had hoped. Often the machines, industrial sugar or artificial ingredients were big obstacles on which I was not willing to compromise.

Three years later: in the meantime, my team has grown and I've brought in plenty of experience on top of my own expertise. Together we launched Chocolate Chips in 2020, quickly followed by the first Protein Bars, Nut Clusters and Granola. We launched the Oat Bar at the beginning of 2021, and it has since become an absolute bestseller. It is officially the best-selling bar in German drugstores! This year, my first nut butter finally followed, without which I would not want to live today ... or could."