I am Pamela, 26, and I live with my family in Karlsruhe. During school I started posting selfies and photos of my sports and food on Instagram. As a result, a lot of incredible things happened in the last few years - and my family is always with me.

Fitness- & Food-Influencer

For the past 9 years I have consistently shared my life with you. We have grown together, become more mature and have definitely learned a lot. In the meantime, my community has grown to over 40 million followers, around 30 million of them in China. We are also fitter than ever - especially thanks to the YouTube videos! A sweaty side fact: this year our workouts have already been done 480 MILLION times! But no matter how many followers there are, I consider myself incredibly lucky that somewhere in this world people do gymnastics with me, find my recipes delicious and feel motivated to lead a healthier life.

Bestselling author

I am particularly proud of that. After my first cookbook I released my second one end of 2021! The first one was a leap of faith. At the beginning I didn't trust myself to start this monster project … “I'm not a trained cook” I always said. But my little baby became the number 1 national bestseller in Germany – for several weeks! I'm so excited about all your lovely messages, pictures of YOUR bowls and the feedback that you've learned so much about nutrition. This gave me the motivation to develop my second cookbook which you received just as well as my first one. Thank you! Our bodies only deserve the best, including when it comes to food.


But the icing on the cake is a dream come true, in 2020 I founded my very own food brand. No cooking instructions, nothing digital. Real products that you hold in your hand & hopefully eat with a lot of pleasure. Naturally Pam embodies everything that is important to me: natural organic ingredients, packaged in materials that are as sustainable as possible. No flavor enhancers, artificial flavors, colors or E numbers. And no cane sugar or chemical sweeteners! Perfect for a fit and conscious lifestyle. The future of Naturally Pam will be so delicious, you can't even imagine what I've prepared!