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You deserve this: Snack Cookbook

  • Over 70 well-balanced & delicious recipes
  • Only a few simple steps to prepare
  • Suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets
  • Carefully designed for a balanced and healthy lifestyle
  • Written in german
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Never! I love them entirely too much for that! Particularly when I don’t have much time to cook properly, or for when I just get a craving for something sweet. When a day is crammed with lots of meetings, a million things to do, and working out, a snack here and there is a life saver: I am energized again and ready to go. Now, with my new snack cookbook, you can prepare balanced and delicious snacks quickly and easily. In putting the book together, it was super important to me that all the snacks fit with my idea of mindful nutrition. That is why every recipe is based on natural ingredients and is made from as few processed ingredients as possible. My book also has lots of helpful tips for meal prepping and efficient shopping, that will help you make the most of your lifestyle, while still being mindful of your health and wellbeing. Have fun trying these new recipes! I really hope you love them!