You deserve this: Bowl Cookbook

  • Over 70 well-balanced & delicious recipes
  • Only a few simple steps to prepare
  • Suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets
  • Carefully designed for a balanced and healthy lifestyle
  • Written in german
EUR 20,00


The best thing about natural and mindful nutrition is that eventually, I felt amazing, full of energy, and now I can treat myself, while doing something good for myself. But sometimes, in the rush of the everyday, looking after yourself can get put on the back burner. The solution? High quality meals that are simple to prepare – which is exactly what you will find in my Bowl Cookbook. Whether we are talking about a sweet apple cake smoothie bowl, a savoury spinach and chickpea pancake, colourful Buddha bowls full of plant-based protein, or a brownie bowl for dessert, you can eat all of these recipes with a clear conscience. In fact, most of the recipes are vegan. You can throw these meals together in a couple of simple steps, and then just eat them straight out of the bowl! Yum! The cookbook will also provide you with valuable nutritional information, which, together with the recipes, provides the ideal basis to take charge of your own nutrition and lifestyle without missing out on the enjoyment! Try it out, and bon appétit!